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Bilety na Kasprowy z TRIO TRAVEL

tickets to Kasprowy wierch with TRIO TRAVEL


buy the ticket in advance!

  • Guaranteed ticket without waiting in queues

  • Tickets can be purchased by TRIOTRAVEL even 2 hours before the start


Free cable car ride for:

  • Children under 4 ( born until 2011).

discounts for:

  • Children up to 10. 

  • Children and teens with a valid school ID.

  • Students up tp 26 (born after 01.01.1989) with a valid polish school ID, ISIC & EURO.

  • Over 60 (born before 31.12.1950) with a valid ID document which confirms the age.

  • school tutors (groups) - 1 tutor per 10 students 

  • guides with groups get a ticket which costs 35zł. 

  • discounts for Pttk members
  • PTTK members get 10% off for a single or return ticket. They need to have a valid PTTK ID.  

useful information:

  • Cash service in Kuźnice sells tickets for the current day just before the start. People purchasing tickets are committed to be on the spot in order to check-in and wait on the platform to take off.

  • There is information about the validity on each ticket.

  • Tickets for coming down from Kasprowy Wierch may be purchsed only at the upper station if there are still free places.

  • People who own return tickets (both ways) are in priority to go down.

  • Duratin of stay at the top of Kasprowy Wierch is about 1 h 40 min. while having return tickets (if you go up at 8:00, you should go down at 10:00; transfer time approximately 20 min.).

  • Dogs and other animals are not allowed in the National Park.

  • Tickets include the entrance fare to the National Park.

* all the offers above are for informational use only and are not sales proposals according to the Civil Code.

additional information:

  • Cable car takes off every 10 min

  • In case of little interest it takes off every 30 min




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